How to figure out your candidature for a heart replacement surgery

The heart is basically a combination of 4 major valves that ensures that the blood flows in a proper direction and that too at the correct pace. With a single heart beat the valve does open and close at the same time. The chances are that something might have gone on to cause that your heart valves do not open and close in a proper manner, then you would need to explore the option of a heart replacement surgery in India.

Through the natural process of ageing or disease the valve could be prone to damage. The moment the valve does not function properly it would lead to a narrowing down of the aortic valve. The valve has to open clearly so that the correct amount of blood could flow through it. If they are not able to close in a proper manner blood does go on to leak to other parts of the body as well.  Though the valve treatment cost in India does appear to be on the lesser side, it would depend on the type along with the severity of the condition.  A series of standard tests in the form of x rays or MRI may be suggested by the doctor.

The doctor could easily figure out that the damaged valve could be replaced if you put a ring around it. Sometimes they may take the decision of removing the entire valve and then replacing it with an artificial one. The artificial ones are incorporated from plastic and are different from the animal ones.

Till a few years ago it was rated to be an open heart surgery. No other way could be found out apart from opening your chest, cutting the breastbone and then spreading it apart. Once you expose the heart, the surgeon went on to put large tubes which would enable it to pump out the blood once the surgery is over. In modern times there does exist another viable alternative in the form of minimal invasive surgery. Here the cardiac surgeon goes on to make incisions on the right side of your chest. This they do instead of opening up the chest cavity as they do not make an entry to the heart. You can expect a quicker recovery and the results tend to be less painful. Here the surgeon will have to stop the heart so as to get down for the repair work. The focal point is that the doctor has view to a large area of your heart than the normal procedure.

You would need to discuss with your doctor on whether this approach is a right one for you or not. People who have already undergone this surgery are not likely to be considered a same for this type of surgery. In order to figure out the fact that you are facing problem with your heart there are a host of symptoms you will come across. Dizziness does appear to be the most common out of them.

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